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Design and manufacturing company seeking firmware development for their materials weighing system.

Project Overview

Digital weighing system installed on lifting arms greatly increases a collection truck’s level of efficiency. In addition, strategically installed sensors detect the actual weight of materials in the waste bin or wheeled cart while in motion as it’s loading and the client needed to develop firmware to monitor, record and report abnormal conditions of lifting activities.

– Firmware Development

Experienced Firmware Development Company


The client contracted with us to speed firmware development and save cost. It was vital for the company to develop the needed firmware quickly and ensure it exceeded performance expectations.


By outsourcing their firmware development to us, the client saved both time and in-house resources.  Our design team delivered a tested, robust and quality solution to meet our client’s needs. The final system has 32-bit ARM processor with a real-time operating system, CAN communication to the vehicle ECUs, USB OTG for reporting purpose and user interface on VFD display.

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Our primary projects include integrating electronic design with embedded firmware and networking to create a complete solution.

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