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For managers of fleets of warehouse forklifts, airport support vehicles and other motorized vehicles, hour meter reading (HMR) is the most important piece of data. Fleet managers depend on timely and accurate retrieval of data, and hour meters are crucial for the well-run fleet management program.

An hour meter tracking system which can shut off equipment engines if idling saves fuel costs and improves air quality.  Additionally, tracking the asset’s physical location via GPS helps fleet managers to manage their fleet’s location and status. The tracking system can make data-driven decisions for increased productivity, improved utilization, usage-based preventive maintenance, and lower total cost of operations.

firmware and pcb board design services

Project Overview 

Design a PCB and develop firmware to connect to a cloud platform that empowers asset owners for life cycle management and optimization.

The device communicates wirelessly via Wi-Fi and 3G. It includes GPS and a 32-bit ARM processor with a real-time operating system, database, and modern graphical user interface.

– Firmware development 


Client needed a solution to accelerate time to market the device, and it was vital to the company to develop the needed PCB and firmware in a timely manner and save over-all development cost.


By outsourcing development to us, client saved both time and in-house resources. Proteus developed both the needed PCB and firmware to their client’s specification,allowing the client company to finish their product development quickly as well as saving significant overall development cost.

Engineering Design Projects

Our primary projects include integrating electronic design with embedded firmware and networking to create a complete solution.

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