Power and Energy

Proteus engineering design team develops firmware and automation test processes for a large US power and energy company


Power  and energy company seeking software development to ensure the safety and efficiency of monitoring equipment.

Project Overview

Working closely with our client’s design team, Proteus developed the firmware and automation test processes for an intelligent system that monitors the operation of transformer bushings and detects the presence of partial discharge activity.

Proteus developed firmware for client’s plant operation monitoring system to run automation test and monitor its behavior.

firmware and automation designing services

Requested Services:

– Firmware Development

– Automation Test Processes


The client company had several major developments in the pipeline and estimated it would take approximately two years to start the creation of both the firmware and automation test development with in-house resources.  Client needed a solution to accelerate product time to market and It was vital to the company to develop the needed software quickly and ensure it exceeded performance expectations.


By outsourcing development to Proteus, client saved both time and in-house resources.  Proteus was able to develop both the needed firmware and automation test development to their client’s specification, allowing the client company to focus their attention on other vital operations and needs. The client avoided any possible hazard or calamity due to outdated firmware and was able to ensure the performance quality/reliability of their equipment.

Firmware Specifications

> Early fault detection and automatic alert system
> Runs on multiple processors, captures signals from sensors, analyses and calculates data, communicates to external system
> Load, temperature and DGA allow an accurate transformer’s condition
> Consists of the high-precision sensors, high speed signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converter to capture partial discharge pulses
> Calculate time-of-flight value using latest FPGA module
> Multi-processors are used to calculate additional engineering data
> Communication to external system via Ethernet, Modbus and CAN

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